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Keep your gravel driveway in top condition

Regular maintenance will keep your ride smooth

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Gravel driveways are an often overlooked part of rural life. However, careful planning and regular maintenance keeps your driveway in top condition. Limestone is the most poplar choice for constructing gravel driveways, but river rock may be a good investment if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies. Ideally, your driveway should have four to six inches of gravel base topped by two inches of crushed stone with an extra allowance for drainage. Holes should be filled in immediately to prevent them from becoming large enough to damage your vehicle.

For additional information about gravel driveways, we recommend the following resources:

Dressy Driveways: A look at some of the materials you can use to create a new driveway.

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Fixing Potholes in Gravel and Dirt Driveways: Tips for keeping your driveway in top condition.

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