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Soil Health Champions Network

Soil health messages are being spread farmer-to-farmer

Enthusiasm is contagious, especially when you share a common goal. The National Association of Conservation Districts is hoping it can spread the excitement about soil health nationwide through a state-by-state network of “soil health champions”.

Lee McDaniel is the president of the NACD. He says the group is working with local conservation districts and state associations to find farmers, woodland managers, and landowners who will share their support and enthusiasm for adopting soil health practices.

"We’re identifying up to three farmers in each of the 50 states and the territories to be soil health champions," says McDaniel. "The network will work so that the soil health champions will work on a farmer-to-farmer basis to inform other farmers why soil health is important, cover crops are important, and so forth."

Every state has different soil and climate conditions, but the goals are the same. McDaniel says the champions are being asked to share what they’ve learned on their own land, and conduct outreach efforts in their local area. This might include field days and demonstrations, speeches, and personal stories.

"I think probably the best thing they can emphasize is what their personal experience is in how cover crops and other methods of soil health, no-till and so forth, have worked for them to make them more profitable and more successful," says McDaniel.

The NACD will collect data of soil health practices around the country and the economic results of these practices over a three-year period. The findings will be shared with farmers through the Soil Health Champions network.

Learn more about the Soil Health Champions Network and how to get involved in your area

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