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Stabilizing stream banks

Maintain your natural waterway for a stable (and beautiful) property

Radio interview source: Jerry Bernard, national geologist, Natural Resources Conservation Service









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If you've got a stream or creek running through your property, you're lucky. But with the pleasure of that kind of natural feature comes the responsibility of maintaining it. Excess precipitation can cause banks to erode, which affects not only your property, but everything up- and downstream as well. Listen to today's program for more, and learn how the USDA may help offset the cost of a stabilization project.

For more information, we recommend the following links:

Stream corridor restoration: Download complete bank stabilization information from the USDA.

Conservation buffers: Planting buffer or filler strips between your stream and surrounding wildlife habitat or agricultural ground can protect the water from soil erosion and the watershed from contaminants.

Planning your riparian buffer: This fact sheet from the University of Nebraska Extension features a diagram of a properly designed buffer alongside a creek, and a list of recommended plants and trees to include.

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