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Using GPS to check land

Manage your acreage with satellite technology

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A Global Positioning System may sound high-tech, but it's a great way to help manage your acreage. This satellite imagery provides the precise ability to find locations anywhere on earth. You can use it to monitor creek bank erosion in your backyard pond, plan a food plot, or accurately mark the perimeter of your property before building a new fence. GPS-based applications are useful for soil sampling, crop scouting, yield mapping, and farm planning. Additionally, incorporating GPS technology into your daily activities might increase productivity by making it easier to work through low visibility field conditions such as rain, dust, or fog.

Radio interview source: Jennifer Dubindorf, Natural Resources Conservation Service

For more information, we suggest visiting the following helpful Web sites:

How Does GPS Work?: A brief look at the science behind GPS technology.

GPS in Agriculture: Learn how GPS technology can be used to benefit rural landowners.

Make GPS Work: An overview of how GPS can be useful for baseline mapping, field surveys, and other land stewardship activities.

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