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Wind turbine energy: Land leasing

The wind can help you earn extra cash

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As the general public becomes more aware of the importance of alternative energy sources, rural residents are finding new opportunities to earn extra cash by leasing their land for wind turbine use. Compensation packages vary depending upon the type of company and the size of the turbine, but may include fixed yearly payments, a percentage of gross revenues, or a combination of income incentives. However, it's important to do your homework before signing a lease agreement. The contracts are long term and legally binding. Ask questions, investigate anything you don't clearly understand, and consult an attorney to make sure your rights are adequately protected.

Radio interview source: Lisa Daniels, executive director and founder, Windustry

To learn more, we suggest visiting the following Web sites:

Wind Power: Discover the benefits of wind power and learn more about the various types of turbines used to generate this form of alternative energy.

Windustry: This non profit organizations provides an overview of wind power opportunities for rural landowners and community members.

Wind Powering America: Learn more about efforts to increase the use of wind turbine energy throughout the United States.

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