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Building a natural swimming pool

Creating a natural backyard swimming hole has never been so easy

Radio interview source: Mick Hilleary, owner, Total Habitat




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It's a real treat to slip out your back door and take a cool dip. If you have a pond, it's easy to think of it as an instant swimming hole. Unfortunately, depending on the condition of the pond, it may not be suitable for swimming. Pools, especially in-ground ones, require a lot of work to keep clean and clear.

To find a balance between water quality and low-maintenance fun, many homeowners are building what's called "natural swimming pools".

Mick Hilleary owns a company that builds them. They're eco-friendly water gardens, complete with natural plants, rocks, and even marine life if you want them.

"But in the center of it we define an area with an underwater wall that then becomes deeper and that's the swimming area for people," Hilleary says. "We build in a gigantic planted biological filter. And we use the same materials we would to create biological filters for aquariums."

They're built to naturally keep the water crystal clear. The plants supply the pool with oxygen and give life to beneficial bacteria that destroy potentially harmful organisms. No chemicals are needed to keep it clean.

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