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Building a pond dock

Create a peaceful spot on your land for recreation and relaxation

Radio interview source: Larry Hewitt, president, Hewitt Machine & Manufacturing, Inc.











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Having a pond on your acreage means you've got a peaceful spot to relax, fish, and watch wildlife. But with a dock, you've got a place to dangle your feet in the water and get your line even closer to the fish. There are several things to think about before designing and building your own dock. Learn more in today's show.

For more information about docks, we recommend these links:

How to build a floating dock: Here's a handy materials list and step-by-step instructions for building your own floating dock.

Preventing dock damage from ice: Before you build a dock, think about how it will hold up when your pond freezes over.

So you're ready to build a dock: It's really important to think carefully about how you plan to use your dock before you build it. Here are several questions to ponder regarding dock use, materials, finishing touches, and more.

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