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Fish farm fun

Ever wonder where the fish that stock your pond or lake come from? This family may have raised them.
The Josts supply a variety of fish to public and private lakes and ponds.

How they got started

In 1993, the Josts purchased the Minnesota Muskie Farm business, including a customer list, equipment, and advice. Rob, who has an education in natural resources and aquaculture, had experience working in a fishery. "We're still learning a lot," he says.

Deb grew up on a hog farm and understands physical, outdoor work. She enjoys being outside and helping Rob check the ponds and trap fish. Her least favorite job is cleaning the tanks. Daily chores from April to July include caring for muskies in the tanks until the fish are big enough to transfer to outdoor ponds and lakes.

Raising fish requires shallow private lakes with no outlets or inlets. Minnesota is a great state to raise fish because it's a prairie pothole region, says Rob.

"There's a lot of science to it," he says about raising fish. The minnows' size must be appropriate for the size for the fish they are feeding, for example.

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