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Preventing dock damage from ice

Winterize the dock so you don't have to do repairs in the spring

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When boating season is over, you winterize your boat and put it into storage, but what about your dock? Heaving ice floes and ice pressure buildup can shift dock pilings or even lift them right out of their footings. By taking a few steps to winterize your dock before the lake freezes over, you can lengthen its life and protect your investment. And when spring rolls around, you'll be ready to get out on the water without having to worry about costly dock repairs first.

Radio interview source: Dionne Fuhrmann, owner, Dock Bubbler Systems

Learn more about protecting your dock:

Dock deicers and bubblers: Read about the differences between deicers and bubblers, and which is best for your dock.

New technology protects docks in winter: A new type of polymer-covered timber dock piling doesn't allow ice to stick to it, preventing dock damage.

Caring for your dock: Learn how to build and maintain a dock that will last for years without harming the environment.

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