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Stocking your pond with trout

An alternative species that can thrive in warmer water

Stocking your pond with trout is easier than you might think, even if you live in an area with hot summers. Brown trout and rainbow trout are two species that are well suited to warmer temperatures. They'll thrive as long as your pond is at least 10 feet deep and you stock them in the fall before the weather gets too cold. Generally, you can safely stock 300 trout per surface acre of water. The best trout for fishing average 10-to-12 inches, while smaller fish are better suited as pets. However, it's important to avoid mixing warm-water and cold-water fish since they will compete with each other for available oxygen.

To learn more about stocking your pond, we recommend visiting these helpful Web sites:

Enhancing Your Private Pond with Trout: Tips from West Virginia University Extension.

So, You Want to Put Fish in Your Pond: A guide to stocking your backyard pond, including the harvest recommendations for the best fishing opportunities.

Stocking Your Pond with Fish: A handy list of pond fish options from the University of Ohio Extension.

Radio Interview source: Mark Fisk, owner, Hy-On-A-Hill Trout Farm

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