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Tinting your pond water

If you'd like to add a little more pizzazz to your water gardens and ponds, try changing their color. Tinting the water blue not only changes the look, but also benefits the life within it. Tints also provide a block for UV rays.

Radio interview source: Doug Ward, President, Smartpond

Several people who have tinted their ponds and water gardens blue have been featured in our Living the Country Life magazine.
Doug Ward is the president of a pond product company and says there are several advantages to tinting the water, the first being aesthetics.
"By adding the dark blue tint, you're giving the water something that is pleasing to the eye," he says. "It also will hide imperfections that are either on the bottom of the pond, or also help hide any discoloration in the water.  It also will help reduce potential algae outbreaks because the sunlight cannot penetrate the water as deep as if the blue water tint was not there."
Most tints are nothing more than food coloring additives. Ward says tints are perfectly safe for fish, plants, and other aquatic life. Tints provide a block for U-V rays, and keeps the water cooler in the heat of the summer. Predators who try to "go fishing" have a much harder time finding their meal in colored water.
The amount of tint needed for water gardens is based on capfuls-per-gallon of water and the shade of blue you want. Larger ponds require gallons of tint. For example, one gallon will color a one-acre pond.
The tint can be added any time of year, and a typical application will last about 30-days.
"By changing the amount that you're pouring into your pond, you can make it as dark as you need to, or a slight light blue color," says Ward. "And within those 30-days, the color will start to diminish so you'll know when it has to be reapplied."
The most common water dye is blue, but you can also find black. The tints are compatible and safe to use with most water treatments on the market. 

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