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She Shed

A New York woman has turned a man's hunting cabin into her own retreat
Photo courtesy of Sandy Foster

Move over, man cave. Here comes the “she shed”. Women all over the country are finding their own sanctuaries in backyard sheds, treehouses, even converted chicken coops.

You could probably say that Sandy Foster of Rosendale, New York, was an early pioneer in the concept. She renovated a 9-by-14 hunting cabin that sat deep in the woods on her 14-acre property. Sandy says deciding what to do with it was easy because her dream house has been in her head since childhood. And she did the renovation completely by herself.

"I just went ahead and hit up all the antique restoration-type of resale stores and I was ready to roll," says Sandy. "I also had a lot of building materials left over from my first house which was a huge large house renovation, and I kept a lot of the old house parts from that as well. Inside, I was really into shabby-chic decorating at the time."

Everyone knows it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. So Sandy recently transformed her shabby-chic Victorian retreat into a Nordic, modern hideaway.

There used to be chickens and a big vegetable garden on the property. Those have gone away, but Sandy says her special retreat allows her to clear her mind, recharge, and enjoy the country lifestyle.

I’m willing to bet that some of you ladies listening are wondering how you can build your own she shed. Sandy’s advice is simple.

"Read up on stuff and just do it. Depending on how much income you have, I mean if you have enough money to have somebody do it all for you, go for it. But if not then just do it," says Sandy. "I would also recommend learning how to use power tools.

Once your she shed is just as you want it, enjoy the space for reading, creating, napping – whatever brings you peace.

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