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Writing A Conservation Plan

Protect the environment on your land to benefit the soil, water, and wildlife. A conservation plan helps you figure out how to reach those goals.

Manage the natural resources on your land by implementing a conservation plan. The benefits include protecting the soil and productivity, improving water quality, and attracting wildlife. The Natural Resources Conservation Service can help you figure it all out.

Julie Falcon is a resource conservation consultant, retired from the NRCS. She says when they make a visit, they focus on six different resources.

"We try to look at the soil, we try to look at the water, we try to look at the air, the plants, the animals, and also the human concerns that you might have out there," says Falcon. "A plan visit usually lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours and we talk about your resource concerns for that particular farm."

A conservation plan can cover an area as small as an acre, or thousands of acres. It’s tailored to what the landowner prefers. After you have made your decisions and the plan is complete, you will receive a copy and another confidential copy will be on file at your local NRCS office.

Falcon says the work doesn’t stop there.

"It’s always good to read all this stuff, but what’s the meat? We need to know when you’re projecting to put something on the land. I like to see something done within five years because if we put something down in 10 years, that’s kind of far out and you’re going to forget," she says. "So, five years is good, it could be as short as a year, three years is good too."

Some conservation practices will require an extra investment, but some of the costs might be shared through federal, state and local cost-sharing programs.

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