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Keeping country cats safe

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Visit the vet

Other animals can give cats a multitude of diseases, so it's important to make sure your kitties are up-to-date on their yearly vaccines. Also make sure they're spayed or neutered. It has life-saving benefits beyond birth control.

"This will prevent, especially in outdoor males, aggression, and roaming, and the tendency to fight," Maza says. "And as such, hopefully prevent the transmission of infectious diseases like feline leukemia, FIV, rabies, and common cuts, scratches and abscesses."

Our cats are great mousers. Occasionally, they'll be so proud of themselves that they'll leave a body on our doorstep and give us a look like, "See what I did!" Good kitty!

But I'd rather not see the evidence of their success.

If you use rat poison around the property, be careful, because if a cat eats a rodent that's died from the poison, it can also kill the cat.

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Installing an outdoor cat fence: If you want to keep your outdoor cat close to home, a cat fence may be a good solution for you.

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