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New Polaris Ranger XP 900 utility vehicle

New side-by-side is bigger, yet quieter
Polaris Ranger XP 900

Polaris has added a new utility vehicle to its line-up -- the full size RANGER XP 900. It has a ProStar 900 engine, all-new chassis, new restyled cockpit, more suspension, new flip-up seat storage, new Lock & Ride™ PRO-FIT cab accessories, larger gas tank, easier serviceability, and a quieter ride due to engine repositioning. The all-new ProStar 900 engine churns 60 horsepower, a 20 percent increase, giving the RANGER XP 900 the ability to tow 1 ton and haul 1,000 lbs. The engine delivers smooth power throughout the RPM range thanks to its dual overhead cam design, 180 degree crank firing order and counterbalancing. The throttle control is smooth at all speeds and gear selections, including reverse. The RANGER XP 900 also is quieter with the engine now located under the rear cargo box.

To complement the ProStar engine, the RANGER XP 900 features a new, durable drivetrain built to handle the unit’s higher horsepower. It also boasts the strongest belt on a RANGER vehicle so it can tackle the toughest of jobs, and has powerful cooling for the belt and clutches for optimal performance under all work conditions.

The new under-seat storage features flip-up access giving the operator increased and easier-accessible storage inside the cab, and the vehicle features lots of in-dash storage. Outside the cab, the RANGER XP 900 offers a new harder working cargo box featuring more tie-down points, easily-inserted box dividers and a smoother gate release. The cargo box has a 1,000 lb/453.6 kg capacity, can fit a pallet and is compatible with Lock & Ride accessories so it can tackle any hauling project thrown its way.

The RANGER XP 900 has a wide variety of accessories available for a variety of work applications. To ensure the unit is hard working, Polaris equipped it with a high capacity battery and new stator for 30 percent more electrical power to run more accessories at one time.  The unit also features a new, easier to install winch mount for faster installation of one of the most popular accessories for a work vehicle. Built exclusively for the new RANGER XP 900, Pure Polaris is offering new PRO Accessories. The collection includes a revolutionary, high-quality PRO-FIT line of cab accessories; a versatile, premium-quality Glacier PRO Plow System; and durable Polaris HD PRO Winches.

One of the most exciting, new accessory offerings available for RANGER XP 900 is the new Lock & Ride™ PRO-FIT cab accessories designed for total integration with the newest RANGER family member. The cab frame on the new RANGER XP 900 features profile tubing, providing a 360-degree sealing surface for every cab component. Windshields, roofs, doors and rear panels follow the shape of the vehicle, locking directly into the cab frame’s precision contours. Many PRO-FIT cab components feature Polaris-exclusive Lock & Ride™ technology for quick and easy on and off, and are 60 percent quieter at idle, and 40 percent quieter at 20 mph/32.2 kph. 

To complement the hardest working features of the RANGER XP 900, the restyled cockpit and chassis are the new class of smoothest riding. The completely redesigned cockpit fits three people more comfortably and offers class-leading ergonomics. The lower seat, with adjustable driver’s seat on Limited Edition models, and tilt steering gives occupants more options in comfort, and the new seat belts are easier to use. New center-mounted gauges give the operator one place to look for ride data and the easy access to storage under the seat means tasks are done quicker and more efficiently.

For an incredibly smooth ride and optimal handling, the RANGER XP 900 has an all-new chassis that is more rigid, with increased torsional stiffness. This delivers a smoother ride, low vibration, and the ability to tackle anything that stands in its way. The RANGER XP 900 has easy steering with or without Electronic Power Steering (EPS), and features 5 in/12.7 cm more wheelbase, 1 in/2.5 cm more travel and 12 in/30.5 cm of ground clearance. For increased visibility, the unit also features 25 percent brighter head lights that project more than 30 percent further adding 100 ft/30.48 meters of additional visibility.

The wet sump engine, which offers 100 hours between service intervals, is easily accessed from under the rear cargo box, and has an easily accessible oil check and fill. The unit also features metric fasteners for most parts and grease zerks to flush joints. For driver’s ease, there is fuel access on the driver’s side and a 11 percent bigger gas tank that holds 10 gal/37.85 liters making gassing up more convenient and less frequent.

The RANGER XP 900 is available in Sage Green and Solar Red, with or without EPS, and Polaris Pursuit Camo. Limited Edition models include Sunset Red and Orange Madness, both offered with or without EPS. A Browning EPS model and an Audio Edition in Bronze Mist with an integrated Audio System including two dash-mount speakers and will be sold in limited quantities.

Pure Polaris is offering a full line of accessories including cabs, plows, boxes and specialized products for all Full, Midsize and Multi-Passenger RANGER vehicles.  More information about Polaris’ whole line of Off-Road Vehicle offerings can be found online at

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