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Trends in UTVs

Trends in UTVs focus on operator comfort and more power to get the work done.

Radio interview source: Aaron Kleingartner, Product Specialist, Bobcat

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When you have a lot of land to cover, using a utility vehicle, or UTV, to take you from one chore to the next will help you accomplish more. Companies that produce UTVs are rolling out the latest technologies and accessories to make you more efficient, whether you're clearing snow or checking on cattle.  

Aaron Kleingartner is a product specialist with Bobcat, and says utility vehicles offer electronic fuel injected gas engines, higher speeds, and more horsepower. "One of the things that customers have requested is increased payload capacity of the vehicles so they can haul tools, haul supplies very easily with the vehicles. And they want a very comfortable ride," says Kleingartner. "By including four-wheel independent suspension, it makes it very comfortable for them to ride in when they're doing multiple tasks around their farm site."  

Attachments can be cumbersome to switch, and users are looking for ways to make this process easier and faster. Kleingartner says a rapid link front-mounted attachment system is one answer. "They wanted something that was easy to change from one attachment to the next. And by a single lever, you basically move it from one side to the next, it unlocks the attachment, you can lower it and set it on the ground, and then go and grab your next attachment. Move that single lever again and you're attached, and you're ready to go working with the other attachment or implement."

Another improvement is to the seats, focusing on greater comfort and proper restraints.

Manufacturers are also modifying the cargo boxes. Single-latch tailgates can be opened easily with one hand. Integrated mounting systems allow you to attach accessories to the cargo box such as tool holders, string trimmer racks, and box extensions.

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