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UTV attachments

Add implements for versatility in work and play

There are certain chores that a tractor should be used for, but a four-wheeled utility vehicle, or UTV, can tackle many of the same tasks when you add attachments. Joe Greving is the president of Cedar Rapids Tire in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He says there is a multitude of attachments and accessories for UTV’s, and he has some recommendations for the acreage owner.

"I would definitely look at snow plows for example. These UTV’s are a heavy piece of machinery that can move a lot of snow. All you need for a snow plow is the blade, a push tube, and you need a winch to raise and lower the snow plow. That’s number one," says Greving. "Number two would be a windshield. Most of these UTV’s come without a windshield. They come with a roll bar suspension, but nothing for a windshield or a top."

One company makes an arm that extends off the front of the vehicle. It’ll pick up the garbage can so you can drive it to the end of your lane. Other handy attachments include a dump bucket, and a disc harrow for cultivating the soil. Keep in mind they may need mounting kits for proper operation.

When it's time to have fun with the UTV, you'll want a different set of attachments. Hunters, for example, would need gun boots with a lock-and-ride system. To haul stuff, they’d benefit from a storage box option for the cargo box.
Many people buy attachments when they purchase the UTV. However, if your machine is older, Greving says it shouldn’t be hard to find the attachments you’re looking for.
"The first place to check is always with the manufacturer of the vehicle. So Polaris, for example, they sell a lot of accessories themselves, and then some of these other side-by-side vehicles the aftermarket sells a multitude of brands, a multitude of various products," says Greving. "You can go about anywhere to find them."

Get the work done with a variety of UTV attachments

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