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Choosing a lawn sweeper attachment

Find the perfect tool that will help you keep your lawn clean all year long

Radio interview source: Mark Short, vice president of marketing, AgriFab











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Sweep it up

We have a riding mower that mulches the grass. But, it still leaves big chunks of clippings here and there, especially if it's rained a lot and we've waited a little too long to mow! In the grove, there are always sticks, leaves and other debris that really should be picked up. A lawn sweeper would make short work of those chores. It's a large brush on wheels that you attach to the back of the lawn tractor.

Mark Short is the vice president of marketing for a lawn and garden attachment company and says lawn sweepers can be used year-round to pick up whatever is hiding in the grass.

"In the spring, a lot of people use them to clean up their yards and get them ready for the mowing season," Short says. "If you're mowing a lot of grass and want to pick it up somehow, these are great tools to use for that as well. And you can use them in the fall to pick up leaves and debris from trees. They'll pick up almost anything."


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