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Choosing a push mower

New technologies make the chore easier so you can enjoy taking care of your yard

We bought a brand new push mower last year and it wasn’t an easy decision. A lot has changed in lawn mowers since we purchased one over a decade ago, so shopping took some time.

Rick Zeckmeister is the vice president of marketing for Briggs & Stratton. He says before you step foot in any store, know what’s getting mowed, and who’s going to mow it.

"Is it hills, is it wide open spaces, is there a lot of shrubs, are we going to want to mulch, are we going to want to bag? And you should think about what have I been cutting the grass with, and what I did like and what I didn’t like about mowing," says Zeckmeister. "Then, who’s going mow? Is it going to be the male head of the household who’s stronger, is it going to be the women? Is it going to be children?"

Zeckmeister says women work with outdoor power equipment more than people think. If those other women are like me, they enjoy mowing but don’t like the maintenance part of it, or yanking on a fussy starter cord till you’re blue in the face.

He says new technology and advanced engine parts are eliminating a lot of those hassles.

"We now have ‘in start’, an electric starting engine with a lithium ion battery on mowers," says Zeckmeister. "Extremely easy to start, our easiest to start engine exclusively on Cub Cadet walk mowers. And then currently, we’re in the process of releasing our new EXI engine series, an engine that doesn’t need an oil change - ever - on various models of Snapper, Brute, Toro, Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Troybilt."

Self-propelled mowers are a growing trend in the industry. Many have variable speed control, so they’ll move at the same speed you’re walking. An all-wheel drive self-propelled unit can be very handy if you have steep hills to mow.

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