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Choosing a utility trailer

Utility trailers are indispensable for hauling cargo

Radio interview source: Randy Lewis, National Sales Manager, Featherlite Trailers


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With so many options and choices, it's important to know how you'll be using a trailer before buying one.

Randy Lewis is a national sales manager with Featherlite Trailers. He says there are many sizes and types of utility trailers. Your first step is to decide how you'll use it.

"Is it an enclosed trailer that they plan on being able to lock up safely at a job site, or a farmer wants to be able to lock up at a field and not be around there? Then an enclosed trailer is the way to go," says Lewis. "Or, if it's just an open application, they need to haul bags of seed corn, or haul the ATV around, or the lawn mower, or things like that, then an open trailer will suffice."

There is a lot of flexibility in an open utility trailer, and ways to customize it. For example, you can buy optional side wall kits for hauling things like brush, and ramps for loading the ATV.  
Pay attention to the weight of the trailer and the towing capacity of your vehicle. If you're hauling more than 3,000 pounds, the trailer should have its own braking system.

"Most of our trailers do have brakes, especially if it's a dual-tandem, four-tires on the ground," says Lewis. "Most of the trailers with one axle, or two tires, do not have brakes. The nice thing about the dual-tandem is you've got a higher weight capacity you can haul, and then if you ever do have a flat tire, you're not out. You could actually take the tire off and go down the road on three tires if you needed to, where a one-axle two-tire system, you get a flat tire you're done with."

The price of a new, open utility trailer ranges from about $900-to-$2,500. Enclosed trailers tend to start in the $1,500 range and go up from there.

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