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Machinery Maintenance

Maintenance Monday

This special section of Living the Country Life is packed full of expert answers to your maintenance and equipment questions. This resource is easy to understand and simple to listen to, with informative links Maintenance Radio Programs.

Using equipment on a vineyard in Iowa

Fuel & Oil

It's okay if there are winter fuel conditioners in the summer...
Quick tips to make this chore easier
Best oil for the gearbox is gear oil


Hitching an implement to the tractor can be dangerous if you're...
Every year there are fatal farm accidents that occur when farm...
The FOPS canopy protects the operator from falling debris


Three new 6E models offer upgraded comfort, convenience, and value...
Mobile application provides equipment owners with easy access to...
Repair or replace a gauge? It depends.
If you plan wisely, one tractor can handle all of your needs


Be sure to match the load and speed ratings
Determine your farming practices, then get the largest tires for...
Bouncing? Losing traction? Take a look at your tires.
A little slip is okay, but much more or less poses a problem


A lawn tractor that's mowing unevenly might need the tire...
The challenge is finding the right one that fits your needs and budget
Look for this premium riding lawn tractor at dealers in 2015
Not all mower blades do the same thing


Ensuring your coolant system is doing its job in extreme temperatures
If your in-cab AC isn't cooling like it should, a refrigerant...
What's the best way to add engine coolant to your tractor?
What would cause a sudden drop in coolant level?