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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Changing gear oil

Quick tips to make this chore easier

Radio interview source: Mike Daly, Senior Marketing Representative, John Deere

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In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Ben in Louisiana. What's the best way to change the fluid in a tractor gear box?

Mike Daly is a senior marketing representative with John Deere. He says changing gear oil varies from system-to-system, but generally there will be two ports in the gear box – one to drain the oil, and one to fill it. "Open up the drain plug when the fluid is warm so that it has a tendency to flow relatively easily and carry away the debris that might be contained within it," Daly says. "Then, cap that off and fill from the fill port. You would fill the system up until the gear lube spills back out of the fill port, so then you know it's full up to that point. If you have a sight gauge, that may also be the guide in how much lubricant to put back in there."  

Daly says more is not better. It's always best to follow manufacturer's recommendations for the amount of fluid that goes into those systems. It's possible to change the gear oil yourself. It depends on whether you have the knowledge and the means to do it. "A lot of times the amount of gear lube that you need for a system is not a lot, maybe under two-gallons, or under four-gallons, and often times you may not carry that type of product on hand as a routine maintenance item," says Daly. "So taking it to your servicing dealer is an easy way to make sure that they have right product, they get it to the right level, and that it's drained properly to remove any residual contaminants from the operation of that system."

Be sure to watch for leaks in the area. Worn seals may start to weep, and if the fill or drain plug has become damaged, it may start leaking.

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