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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Choosing implement tires

Be sure to match the load and speed ratings

In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Adam in Texas. He recently bought some used tillage equipment to pull behind his utility tractor. It looks like he has to replace a few tires on the implements, and wonders how to choose the right kind.

Kyle Patten is a customer support representative with John Deere. He says to look first at the manufacturer's OEM tire that the implement came with. It's okay to go with a different brand or tire supplier if you prefer, but make sure you get tires that match the load rating and speed rating of the originals.

Patten says you also have to pay attention to rolling circumference.
"Especially on planters and tillage equipment, because they control the depth of the machine. So as you get tires that have a different rolling circumference or essentially diameter, they can cause issues with the machine running out of level that would ultimately result in field performance issues."

If the tires are directly involved with the drive mechanism, such as a solution pump, or mechanical transmission on a planter, you'll want tires with tread so they don't slide when soils get sticky.

Patten says implement tires are susceptible to stubble damage in the field, so ask a tire dealer for specific recommendations to suit your equipment and conditions.

"And that's really just up to the customer and what types of stubble that they are dealing with, what type of conditions they're running in, if they have a lot," says Patten. "A lot of the tire manufacturers out there now are focused on trying to come up with a specific chemistry for a tire, or a tire design that will withstand stubble damage. So I'd encourage any customer to really do some shopping around."

Patten recommends staying away from implement tires that fit a general or broad application.

Adam gets a free John Deere cap for submitting his maintenance question, and you will, too, if we use your question in our program.

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