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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Diagnosing light problems

Fuses vs. bulbs

It could be electric

If the fuses are fine, and the light bulbs aren't broken, you might need to explore the electrical system. Depending on your level of expertise, this could be tricky. Start by using a multi-meter to verify the voltage going to your lights. Barnes also recommends checking the connectors.

"You just want to verify that your connector still has a good seal," Barnes says. "If you look inside there, you see a blue color or anything like that, that would represent corrosion. So, you want to clean off those connectors before you put it back together. If you pull it apart and it isn't blue, that means it does have good contact, so that's what you want to actually see in the connector."

Don't worry if you're not an electrical wizard. As long as you confirm that you have power, the component works, and the switch works, you'll be able to provide a good overview to the dealer if you end up taking the tractor in for repair.

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