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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Jobs for the utility tractor

Compact utility tractors are a work horse for nearly any job on the acreage.

Radio interview source: Dan Paschke, John Deere Product Manager John Deere

Chuck in Minnesota is contemplating a compact utility tractor purchase because he needs a loader and a bigger mower. However, he wants to get the most for his money and is looking for other ideas on how he can use the tractor.

John Deere Product Manager Dan Paschke says many tractor owners have attachments such as mowers, loaders, and box blades. But he often finds that folks aren't as familiar with the wide variety of attachments-for-the-attachments that can help you do hundreds of jobs. Take the backhoe, for instance.

"On a backhoe you can add a thumb which is a bracket that goes on the back end of the dipper stick. There's both mechanical thumbs and hydraulic thumbs," says Paschke. "It allows you to use the bucket to scoop and grapple things, so that you can pick up debris. It allows you to scoop down into holes and pick up chunks of rock and other things that would be very hard to get at."

There haven't been as many attachment offerings for the front-end loader, but Paschke says that's changing. Manufacturers are trying to take advantage of the loader's reach and the ability. As an example, you can now put brooms and debris blowers on the front of the loader to make snow blowers more versatile.

"It gives you the ability to now pick up what used to be just a stationary implement and place it in a specific location," says Pascke."Toward the end of the season as your snow drifts are building up and you want to move them back, put a snow blower on the front of your loader. You can now pick that up as high as the loader will go and take a drift back as far as you can throw the snow."

Most dealers stock base packages, and add attachment inventory depending on customer's needs and the location.

Listen here to the radio story: John Deere Maintenance Monday: Jobs for the utility tractor

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