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John Deere Maintenance Monday: New LED lights

Energy-efficient LED bulbs are a wise investment when replacing lights on the tractor.

Radio interview source: Art Klein, Product Engineer, John Deere

Listen here to the radio story (mp3) or read below

Jim in Washington State would like to retrofit his tractor with more efficient LED lights. How does he do this and what is the cost?

John Deere Product Engineer Art Klein says LED bulbs offer more energy efficiency out of every watt, there's no maintenance, and they emit natural light, which is easier on the human eye. Switching out from original equipment lights should be trouble-free.

"As far as putting the lights on, John Deere has been very vigilant on making sure that the LED lights that we put out are basically just plug-and-play with their predecessor halogen lights," Klein says. "You'll find the same surface mountings, you'll find the same bulb pattern, you'll find the same size of hardware, wiring, everything is a plug-and-play situation with LED."

Because the bulbs vary quite a bit, there's an online light selection guide to help you choose the right one.

"This guide's going to give you dimensional information on the lights," says Klein. "It'll give you three-dimensional pictures of the lights, it's going to tell you what kind of current draw you're dealing with, and then as you page through you're going to be able to find light patterns."

The bulbs are available at John Deere dealerships and range in price from $145-$410. That's four-to-five-times more than halogen bulbs, but Klein says LEDs last 40-50-times longer.

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