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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Power beyond kit

Getting more out of your utility tractor can be difficult without damaging its hydraulic system.

Radio interview source: Richard Kershner, Product Manager, John Deere

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In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Kyle in Louisiana. He'd like to get more use out of his utility tractor by adding implements such as a backhoe onto the rear of the machine. However, he's not sure exactly how to draw from the tractor's hydraulic system without damaging it.
John Deere Product Manager Richard Kershner says Kyle is smart to be concerned. Some owners plug the hydraulic hoses directly into the tractor, open the selective control valve, and run the implement without checking the pressure and hydraulic flow requirements of the attachment. This can overheat the system and cause failure of fittings, o-rings, and pump seals.
Kershner advises installing a power beyond kit, which provides flow of hydraulic oil through a port on the back of the tractor. 
"You'd normally have two couplers, one is a hydraulic flow going out to an implement, and a return coupler meaning that your oil goes through your implement back into the tractor," he says. "So, you've got a couple of couplers on the back of the tractor providing flow and providing return to the tractor."
The power beyond kit is meant to provide continuous hydraulic flow to implements and motors that have their own open center control valve. You simply plug the hydraulic lines into the two couplers on the back of the tractor. 
"It's going to provide flow log splitters, hydraulic motors, any rear implement that requires hydraulic flow," says Kershner. "It provides hydraulic flow to a backhoe, any implement that has its own control system, and it's basically flow on-demand."
A dealer can install a power beyond kit, or you can do it yourself if you're handy with connectors and hoses. 

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