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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Power washers

Which pressure washer works best for doing chores around your acreage?

Radio interview source: Chris Spyrow, Product Manager, John Deere

In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Andy in Texas. He's looking for a pressure washer for chores around his acreage, but is confused over which washer to get. 
John Deere Product Manager Chris Spyrow says it's important to first know how you'll be using the pressure washer before making a selection. 
"In many cases the customer will come in always shopping for a price point," he says. "But, I've found over the years that when you just look at a price point and you don't know anything about washers, you have a tendency to sell him what he wants at the price point, but not necessarily what he needs. You're better off to go through and talk about why this washer will be better suited if there's one that is maybe a little bit bigger, little bit more beefier."
Spyrow says many pressure washers fit into one of three segments, which are defined by pump and motor size. A unit for washing a deck, siding, and maybe a car is considered an entry level model. The next step up is meant for frequent light-duty industrial applications, and generally used by contractors and farmers. The third tier of washer is considered agricultural commercial, which is designed for every-day use, such as in construction work.  
Most units clean with cold water. However, there are hot water washers to clean oil, soot, and grease off of equipment. 
All power washers need a strong frame. 
"What's critical in a washer is that you don't have any vibration because that shortens the life," says Spyrow. "That's why we offer the same frame throughout. It's a heavy-duty base plate, solid-steel axle and rims, and so forth. The vibration is very critical for the pump because if you do have a lot of walking, as I like to call it when a washer is running and it's starting to dance a little bit, that's not good. It should stand still and run."

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