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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Rear blade maintenance

Learn a few tips on keeping your rear blade attachment sharp.

Radio interview source: Tom Elliott, Product Marketing Manager, John Deere

In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Jim in Tennessee.  He bought a rear blade attachment for his utility tractor so he can grade his gravel lane and work on leveling other areas on his property. Any tips for keeping the blade sharp?
Tom Elliott is a product marketing manager for John Deere. He says the life of a rear blade edge is affected by different surfaces. It doesn't necessarily become dull, but it can become chipped or wear unevenly. 
"The uneven wear would be due to rocks, concrete, any hard abrasive material," he says. "First of all, it would create extreme wear in isolated areas where it's most abrasive. Also, if you would catch a concrete foundation where you damage the blade and it's bent, that would create an uneven finished product as well."
Elliott says a blade that's true will produce a nice finished grade. It will stay that way providing the wear is consistent across the entire edge. Many three-point mounted rear blades are also reversible to enhance the life of the attachment.
However, a time may come when the blade needs to be replaced. There could be a damaged cutting edge, excessive wear in the middle or outside areas, or if it's worn up to the attaching mold board area. 
Elliot stresses that if you use the blade as it's intended, it will last a long time.
"Keep it out of concrete, keep it away from concrete foundations, anything that's stronger than the blade itself," says Elliot. "Do not utilize it for lifting, it's made for grading. And grading would be like a gravel driveway, maybe forming dirt, or landscaping, what have you."

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