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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Sharpening mower blades

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Performance will slip

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Radio interview source: Greg Weekes, group product marketing manager, John Deere Riding Lawn Equipment

In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Bill in Texas. He loves his mulching deck, but has some issues with the blades not working well and is wondering if they just need sharpening.

John Deere Product Manager Greg Weekes says Bill may indeed have dull cutting blades. The first thing you'll notice is the lawn tractor will start protesting.

"When your performance is to the point where you're leaving lots of clippings on top of the grass, or the engine really starts to pull down, or bog down, that mulching blade is getting dull," Weekes says. "My recommendation is to always have a spare set of blades in the garage that are sharpened by the dealer."

Whether for mulching, side discharging or bagging, that additional set of blades will come in handy. You might get by with switching them out just once a year. But if it takes longer to mow than usual, or the lawn is lush and thick, you may have to swap the blades more often.

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