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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Storing attachments

Can you store utility tractor attachments outside?

Radio interview source: Kevin Branstetter, Product Manager, John Deere

In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Sam in Louisiana. He's buying a few attachments for his utility tractor, but has a small shed. He's concerned about the lack of storage space. Can attachments sit outside?
Kevin Branstetter is a product manager for John Deere. He says yes they can. When attachments are designed, they're mechanically made to withstand the weather. However, maintenance may be required more often when they're exposed to the elements.
"Greasing them, making sure you have all your fluids in and maybe keeping them clean so they're not sitting out there with maybe a lot of grass on them, and then letting weather get on them, and that grass rotting on top of the rotary cutters, or tillers, or anything like that," he says. "You don't want to keep the debris on top of them while they're sitting outside."
Like anything, the more machinery is kept inside, the more cosmetically-pleasing it will be. Over time, the sun, rain, and snow will cause paint to fade and you'll have to keep an eye out for rust. Branstetter says even throwing a tarp over your attachments will shed moisture and offer protection from the elements.
Most implements but some of them are quite heavy. So when the ground gets soft from the rain, they sink down a little bit. This might make it more difficult to attach them to the tractor. 
"One thing that we do a few times is under a parking stand, we might use a block," says Branstetter. "Nothing that's real tall, or anything that would make it less stable, but just enough to keep it where it kind of spreads out that parking stand on the ground where it's not as likely to sink down on the ground as far, and sometimes that can be very beneficial when you go back to connect it."
If you have to choose which attachments are stored inside, choose the ones you use most often.

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