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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Tractor size

Select the right size tractor according to how you'll be using it.

Radio interview source: Dan Paschke, Product Manager, John Deere

Steve in Missouri is moving his family to an acreage soon, and needs a small tractor. However, he's not sure what size will be the best fit. Any tips on how to make that decision?

John Deere Product Manager Dan Paschke says there are several questions to ask yourself, the first being what you plan to accomplish with the tractor.

"We like to use mowing as that primary job to decide what product is best for them. If they're going to be mowing more than 50% of the time, we would tend to push somebody towards a large garden tractor because it has the versatility to do other jobs, but it does mowing really, really well," says Paschke. "If the answer to that question is they're going to be moving material, and cutting pastures and things like that more than 50% of the time, we'd push them towards a compact utility tractor or a sub-compact tractor."

Utility tractors come in several sizes and when deciding on the right one, Paschke says take into account any restrictions you'll have to work around. That may be a gate you'll need to get through, a barn where the tractor will be stored, and the type and size of implements you'll use.

"If they want 4-foot implements we'd put them in what we call a small chassis compact tractor. If they want 5-foot equipment, we'd put them in our mid-chassis and if they want 6-foot or larger, we'd put them into our large chassis," says Paschke. "If there isn't a size constraint, it just comes down to how big of an implement do you want to take with you because the thing to remember is, all these tractors do the same jobs, just the larger tractors do them faster because they have larger, wider implements."

The lay of the land should also be taken into account. Is it smooth and flat, or hilly and rocky? Will you be using the tractor on three-acres or 30? Talk with a farm equipment dealer who is familiar with these factors and can help you select the tractor to fit your needs.

Listen here to the radio story: John Deere Maintenance Monday: Tractor size

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