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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Using winter fuel in summer

It's okay if there are winter fuel conditioners in the summer tank

In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Ben in Indiana. Late this winter, he filled the fuel tank on his utility tractor, and also added winter fuel conditioner to keep the diesel from gelling. But now that warmer weather is here, he doesn't want to drain the half-tank that's left because of the high cost of refueling. Will it hurt the engine if winter-grade fuel is subjected to warm temperatures?

Mike Daly is a senior marketing representative with John Deere. He says there are no performance ramifications in using winter diesel fuel conditioner in the summer months.
"We offer both products at John Deere in order to provide the cold flow properties when you need it, and give an opportunity to the customer to have a more economical choice when you don't need the cold flow properties," says Daly. "So, the summer product has the same protection as winter, less the cold flow, and the winter is certainly available in the summer but you wouldn't want to pay for that year-round if you don't need the cold flow protection."

The timing of seasonal temperature shift varies year-to-year. Daly says using fuel conditioner can reduce the impact caused by these variations.  Starting with fresh fuel is another key to consistent performance.

"What we do recommend is that customers continue to use fresh fuel so that they have the best opportunity for their tractor to run, and to run smoothly and provide power when they need it. So, fuel stored year-over-year is probably not the best for their situation," says Daly. "Typically we recommend that the fuel is something that stays fairly fresh, and we like to keep it under three-months as far as storage goes."  

Diesel fuel conditioner can support improved running conditions for your tractor, whether it's the main workhorse of your operation, or only used a few hours each year.

Ben gets a free John Deere cap for submitting his maintenance question, and you will, too, if we use your question in our program.

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