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Cub Cadet Z Force S

A new choice

Cub Cadet is now giving consumers a choice in the zero-turn mower market with the Z Force S. The model features patented Synchro Steer technology, which unlike lap bars, controls all four wheels to provide the user with more complete control on diverse terrain like slopes and hillsides. The Z Force S is a more intuitive zero-turn rider with zero learning curve.

"We know consumers all love the time saving advantages zero-turn riders give them, but it can take a while to master lap bars," said Brad Copley, vice president of marketing, Cub Cadet. "Most people mow their lawn two or three hours per week, a few months per year, which makes for a very long learning curve, and unfortunately, it results in stories of consumers damaging their property using zero turns. Comparatively, how many times a day do you use a steering wheel? Offering this innovation as an alternative will not only improve consumer experience, but represents a true innovation in the industry."

To develop the Z Force S, Cub Cadet took proven technology, first launched on its commercial TANK S zero-turn line, and made it available in a more residential model. Unlike traditional zero turns that incorporate lap bars to control speed and direction of rear wheels, the Z Force S uses foot pedals and a steering wheel. When a rider makes a true zero-turn on the Z Forces S, Synchro Steer synchronizes all four wheels based on direction and speed to improve traction, stability and user control. For complete zero-radius turns, all four wheels work together with dual rear wheel hydrostatic transmissions, even moving at different speeds to provide true zero-turn performance, while protecting your lawn and providing unparalleled stability. Comparatively, in a traditional lap bar controlled zero turn, the front wheels are floating caster wheels, and are not controlled by the user at all.

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