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Exmark Engines Make Mower Maintenance Easier

Exmark unveils two new Exmark-branded engines.

Developed specifically for Exmark zero-turn mower applications, the new single- and twin-cylinder Exmark-branded engines offer features to simplify maintenance, enhance performance, and increase durability.

The engine development began more than four years ago and prototype engines have been exhaustively tested for performance and strength. “The Exmark engines have been refined and proven through extensive durability and field testing,” says Daryn Walters, Exmark.

Exmark 708-cc v-twin engine
With the 708-cc v-twin engine Exmark engineers focused on ease of maintenance. The twin-cylinder engine features a tools-free oil change. “A hose is attached to the side of the engine,” explains Matt Gersib, Exmark. “You just unclip it, put it in the pan, and the oil drains out.”

The long drain hose eliminates the messiness you normally have when draining oil, and the design reduces the time required for routine oil changes. A quarter-turn twist-lock dipstick design makes oil level checks quick and easy.

A redesigned air box cover and filter eliminates the possibility of incorrectly installing a filter, which allows engine-killing dust and debris into the engine. The innovative air intake design reduces dust and debris build-up with a constant flow of pre-screened air. Combined with a standard dual-barrel carburetor, the intake system delivers more air to the engine for increased power and fuel efficiency.

The V-twin engine also features a vacuum choke override for increased startability and smoother running at startup.

Exmark’s revamped Quest E and S series machines will be the first available with the new engine. The engine will be standard on Quest E series mowers with 42- or 54-inch cutting decks and Quest S series machines with 42- or 50-inch cutting decks.

Exmark 452-cc single-cylinder engine
The single-cylinder engine also introduces a number of features to ease maintenance and increase reliability.

The air filter features easy, tools-free access to speed and simplify cleaning. A quarter-turn dipstick makes it easy to check engine oil level or add oil to the engine. Full-pressure lubrication and a standard dual-stage oil filtration system increase durability by delivering an ample supply of clean engine oil to vital engine parts.

An optimized balance shaft design reduces engine vibration, while an automatic compression release combines with electric starting to deliver easy starts.

The Exmark 452-cc engine will first be available on 34-inch Quest S series machines, with additional applications expected in 2015.

Durable, fuel-saving features
Both Exmark engines feature overhead valve designs to decrease fuel consumption and emissions. The engines are tuned for quicker, stronger governor response to deliver more power precisely when it’s needed.

Cast iron cylinder liners, oversized crankshaft bearings, and triple-ring pistons increase the life of both engines. Exmark is offering a three-year warranty on both engines.

Exmark has also included a QR code on each engine, which you can scan with a smartphone or tablet to provide maintenance and service information for the engine.


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