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Preventing hearing loss around machinery

Learn to gauge the right protection for the activity

Radio Interview Source: Dr. Theresa Schulz, President, National Hearing Conservation Association

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Although tractors, combines, riding mowers, ATVs, and other gadgets make rural living easier, the noise they create can be hard on your ears. Since it's not always easy to detect noise-induced hearing loss, it's important to wear ear protection whenever you're working near loud machinery. Generally, if you must raise your voice to speak to another person while working in the area, the noise is loud enough to damage your hearing. Ear plugs can be helpful in this circumstance, but you may also want to consider investing in a pair of industrial ear muffs. In addition, regular maintenance of mufflers, equipment guards, and window seals can help to reduce your overall noise exposure.

To learn more about preventing hearing loss, we suggest visiting the following helpful resources:

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