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Root grapple attachment

Some materials are tricky to handle with a regular bucket loader

A bucket loader is great for scooping up materials such as dirt and rocks and hauling them somewhere else. But when you're moving logs, brush piles, and other long bulky debris, it would be much more manageable to grab the material with finger-like dexterity.

Cory Sarver is an engineering manager with Woods Equipment Company. He says a root grapple can do these things. It's a versatile bucket with tines that close over the bottom edge as it picks up material. The uses are endless.

"You could use them for landscape cleanup, trees, sticks, limbs," says Sarver. "You can use them for cleaning fencerows, you can actually go out and remove old fence, ball up the fencing materials, the posts, the wire. You can use the tool to actually tear out saplings, you can use it to re-grade surfaces."

The root grapple is available in 65-to-86-inch-widths. You can use it on skid steer loaders of any size, and tractors up to 10-thousand-pounds with quick-attach systems on the loader.

"They interface with the quick-attach on the ag loader, so you would just uncouple your standard bucket, and then you would drive into it with your loader quick attach system," says Sarver. "Pick it up, lock it in, and then you would have to get out and you would have to couple the hydraulic lines into the auxiliary hydraulic system of the tractor. And then those hydraulic lines give you the ability to control the opening and closing action of the grapples."

There are two separate cylinders on most root grapples. This allows one side to close on a large load, and the opposite side to bite down on a smaller load. The low cut sides also allow long objects to extend out beyond the sides.

The price of a root grapple ranges from about $2,800-$3,500. 

Learn more about the different types of grapple buckets and how they're used

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