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Product guide: Attachments for your ATV

Add a tool to the front or back of your ATV or utility vehicle to make chores much quicker and easier.

5 favorite all-terrain attachments

By Justin Davey

There's no denying ATVs and utility vehicles are ideal for recreation -- the feel of buzzing along a trail is quite exhilarating -- but they're workhorses for chores, too. Just attach an implement to the machine and knock out your task in no time. With so many attachment options on the market (including dump buckets, snowplows, push brooms, and more), you're likely to find the help you need for most any chore.

Many attachments will require mounting kits for proper operation. Some ATV and utility manufacturers build kits that work exclusively with their line of vehicles, while other attachment-only manufacturers produce generic systems to fit most any vehicle. Generally, hookup is easy, and once the appropriate mount is installed (front or rear), attachments within the line are interchangeable.

Here are five favorite attachments you can't live without.

1. Planter

Designed specifically for small food plots on acreages, these corn planters are ground-driven and easy to pull behind an ATV or utility vehicle. In most cases, a manual lift raises and lowers the height, seed depth is adjustable, and row width can be changed.

2. Plow Blade

Ideal for quickly moving snow, dirt, and gravel, a plow blade is one of the most versatile attachments you can own. Lifting is often achieved though a winch or other hydraulics within the mounting system.

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