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Radio interview source: Mike Hill, co-owner, ClampTite Tools

I'm no physics expert, but I'm certain that there's some kind of law that says if something is going to break, it'll be while you're out in the boonies with your toolbox nowhere in sight.

There's a device called ClampTite that might save you some time and frustration. About the size of a kindergartner's pencil, ClampTite quickly replaces conventional hose clamps with a temporary or permanent clamping mechanism formed from wire. The tool allows you to tightly wrap wire around an object and lock it in place.

ClampTite co-owner Mike Hill says the tool was invented by his father-in-law, who became fed up with ineffective hose clamps.

"It basically works by pulling a wire -- any kind of solid wire up to about coat-hanger size -- very, very tight," Hill explains. "And then it locks it in place very simply, and so you have no moving mechanism nor any protrusions after it makes a clamp. But it makes a clamp or a band, so you can put almost any kind of materials together."

It's easy to undo the clamp, too: just unfold the wires. Most any kind of wire will do, even clothes hangers in a pinch, but stainless steel is best for permanent applications.

Because of its small size, Hill says it's handy to have with you and ready for action.

"The number one thing is that you can use the tool for things like hose clamps of any size," he says. "So if you have the tool and you have a leak in your irrigation system, your well, your swimming pool, automobile, truck or tractor, you don't have to drive a long distance to a hardware store to get a particular clamp or band. The tool will automatically make it."

You can fix broken shovel handles, band a split fence post, fix mufflers and exhaust systems, even use it as a temporary gluing clamp. The tool is limited only by your mechanical creativity.

There are several different models and prices, ranging from $30 up to $130, depending on the size and whether it's made from plated steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Learn more:

ClampTite: Visit the company's Web site to learn more about these handy tools and to place an order.

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