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Cool Country Tools

Make life in the country a bit more enjoyable with these helpful new products.

Cool country tools

By Justin Davey

Sweeney's Snake Repellent

Sweeney's Snake Repellent is an all-natural, biodegradable product, safe for use in areas where children and pets play. Ideal for use around swing sets, sandboxes, pools, gardens, sheds, and woodpiles, the repellent granules are easily applied anywhere you want to repel snakes. The granules last up to 30 days and do not require water after application. Simply shake the granules around the area you want to protect, spreading them to create a 6- to 10-inch-wide barrier strip. The repellent emits a sweet, pungent aroma that snakes find distasteful, causing them to leave the area. MSRP: $12.99 (2-pound bottle) and $17.99 (4-pound bag).


Sweeney's Snake Repellent

Meadow Springs

Meadow Springs is a nontoxic, effective septic tank maintenance product made with a natural active dry yeast called Eco-Yeast. Differing from bacteria-based products, Eco-Yeast and other natural enzymes safely and effectively energize existing septic tank bacteria and break down solid waste. The result is a smooth-running septic tank with no harsh chemicals. A 2008 study determined that septic tanks treated with Meadow Springs incurred a volatile solids decrease of almost 70% when compared to untreated tanks. After two years of testing, the product is now available for customers at retailers nationally. MSRP: $7.59 (10-ounce bag), $10.99 (20-ounce bag), and $18.29 (60-ounce bag).


Meadow Springs

Cansporter Waste Cart Carrier

The Cansporter Waste Cart Carrier is a device that attaches to a tow receiver on a vehicle, ATV, UTV, tractor, and more, making it easy to transport trash containers to the public roadside for pick up. Available in single- and dual-cart models, the Cansporter transports carts from 30- to 96-gallon capacities. Weighing in at 22 pounds (single cart) or 44 pounds (dual cart), the carrier is easlily installed. Carts are lifted or lowered in one step, and the carrier does not obstruct the use of the tailgate or rear cargo door on most vehicles. MSRP: $134.95 (single cart) and $239.95 (dual cart).


Cansporter Waste Cart Carrier

Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip Prevent

Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip Prevent provides pet owners with a unique solution to deter licking and biting of hot spots, lick granulomas, and surgical sites. It is designed for use directly on the animal's hair. The strip can also help alleviate issues stemming from separation anxiety, boredom, and other behavioral issues, and has been proven through clinical studies with a success rate up to 90%. Except for a human medical-grade peel-and-stick adhesive, the strip is composed of all-natural ingredients, including cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil, and oregano. The strip can also be used for training purposes. When placed on household items such as furniture, your pet will be deterred from licking and chewing. MSRP: $30.95 (large six-pack).


Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip Prevent

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