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Sharpening tools

You'll do a better job when your tools are good and sharp, and you're safer using them, too

Radio interview source: Dr. Dick Nicolai, South Dakota State University Extension Service











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Many tools can be sharpened with a whetstone or a mill file. A grinder may also be used, but this can be dangerous. Whatever method you use, make sure you understand how to properly sharpen the tool, and wear the appropriate protective gear. If there's any question, you may be better off taking your tool to a professional to have it sharpened or repaired.

Visit the following Web sites for more on safely sharpening tools:

How to use a knife steel: Watch a video from on sharpening knives with a knife steel.

Tending your tools: Tips for taking care of garden tools, including how to properly sharpen them.

Sharpening a power mower blade: Step-by-step instructions -- including photos -- for sharpening your mower blades.Listen to the radio story mp3

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