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What You Need to Know About Chain Saws & Pruners

The right equipment will help you get fall chores done before snow flies.

The best thing you can do for the trees, bushes, and vines on your property is prune them regularly to remove dead or unwanted sections, facilitate airflow, allow in more light, promote new limb growth, and improve fruit harvests. Sometimes you need to do the heavy work of entirely removing a tree or bush. Like any job, having the right equipment in hand makes all the difference. Here are the tools you need – and what to look for in each – ranging from tree-devouring chain saws to delicate floral shears.

Before you reach for that tool, identify the tree, bush, or vine you’re about to cut; many species should only be trimmed at a certain time of the year. For most trees, the best time to prune is during dormancy: late fall to early spring.

Different rules apply to certain flowering bushes and trees that should be pruned within three weeks of blossoming to ensure bountiful flowers for the next season. If you’re unsure about the species or the best time to prune it, look online or seek the help of your local Extension service.

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