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5 tips for choosing the right implement

Kubota shares ideas on matching equipment and attachments

The old adage “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” certainly applies to the process of choosing the right implements for your equipment and the jobs at hand. There is often not a one-size-fits-all approach when doing much of anything, so choosing performance-matched implements for your tractor the first time will keep you doing it right every time.

What is performance-matched?

“Essentially, it’s a stamp of approval for a guaranteed equipment match,” said Jeremy Coltin, product manager for Kubota Tractor Corporation. “Kubota’s engineering department rigorously tests all Allied Partners’ implements and attachments to fit Kubota tractors, taking the guesswork out of the purchase for our customers. We make sure it fits and functions correctly, that it is the best option for the application at hand, and is ready to use, operator-friendly, and safe.”

When setting out to purchase implements for your equipment, it is good to start with a thorough understanding of your immediate and future needs, such as acreage size and general application. Once you have got that covered, here are five things to consider before you purchase:

1.     Safety: Ensure that the selected implement will not be too heavy or too light for the tractor. Either extreme will affect steering capabilities and the stability of the tractor, possibly putting the operator at risk.

2.     Efficiency: Match the work being done with the right tool for the job to ensure maximum efficiency. Here again, an implement that is too big for the tractor will cause the machine to work harder but not smarter, decreasing overall efficiency.

3.     Fit: Make certain the tractor and implement have the correct fittings and are ultimately compatible.

4.     Warranty: Protect the life of your equipment by choosing performance-matched attachments. Often warranties will not cover damage done to the tractor or attachment if an ill-matched pair was made.

5.     Applications: Identify your future equipment needs to better prepare for larger or more diverse applications down the road. Using online tools like Kubota.com can help you assess the possibilities for your specific tractor.  

“It’s important to understand that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always best,” said John Quinley, president of Land Pride. “Kubota and Land Pride want to ensure that the equipment our customers use works at the safest and most efficient manner possible. Using performance-matched equipment means Land Pride and Kubota have matched the correct implement to certain Kubota tractors to match size, weight, and horsepower, helping to take the guesswork out of it for the customer and the dealer.”

All of Kubota’s Allied Partners – Land Pride, Paladin, Vermeer and Terrain King – offer a wide variety of implements and attachments to meet all needs for farm, ranch, roadside, and landscape jobs. “Customers who can plan ahead and prepare for all the possible uses for their equipment, at least over the course of their tractor loan, can benefit from financing arrangements between Kubota and its Allied Partners,” said Quinley. “This allows Kubota customers to finance all of their equipment at the same rate, on the same loan.”

There is no better way to see equipment in action than by visiting your local dealer for a test drive. Plan ahead since not all dealers will have the equipment you seek and they may have to order it. You can also contact your dealer to request a tutorial after your purchase to ensure you are using the equipment safely and efficiently.

“Don’t test attachment functionality on your own,” said Coltin.  “When purchasing implements that are not performance-matched you run the risk of breaking the implement, the tractor and putting your safety at risk. Leave it to the manufacturer to do the detailed engineering tests to check the specifications, application, fit, functionality and other important steps needed to determine readiness for use.”



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