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Box Scrapers

Ideal for compact and utility-size tractors, box scrapers can move and smooth your land.
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What is it?

Do you have a section of land on your acreage in need of some contouring? Maybe it's a gravel driveway you want to smooth out or some dirt in your lawn you want to landscape. A box scraper implement for your tractor could be the answer. Most tractor manufacturers make a box scraper, and this tool can ease an often-difficult task.
A box scraper is a variation of the rear blade tractor attachment. It consists of a heavy metal three-sided box with the front, top, and bottom open. The front has retractable scarifiers (or teeth) that break up hard ground. Most units offer two cutting edges, allowing them to be used in forward and reverse operation. Box scrapers are almost always unpowered and are simply pulled behind a tractor. However, some have hydraulics attached that allows you to adjust its settings without leaving the tractor seat. They are also typically attached to the tractor with a three-point hitch.
The box scrapers featured in this product guide are ideal for compact- and utility-size tractors with a maximum engine rating of around 40 hp. You'll want to make sure the scraper is as wide as - if not slightly wider than - your tractor. With that in mind, the following models start at 48 inches wide.

Date Published: April 13, 2012
Date Updated: April 30, 2012

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