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John Deere Maintenance Monday: Loader maintenance

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Radio interview source: Jason Breuer, marketing representative, John Deere

In this edition of Maintenance Monday, we're answering a question from Marty in North Carolina. He's discovered some new uses for his utility tractor loader, and wants to make sure it's maintained properly.

John Deere Marketing Representative Jason Breuer says because a loader lifts weight, it needs regular T.L.C.

"With a simple bucket, you're going to have your grease zerk fittings on your pivot points, and in the operator's manual of the loader or the attachment it will tell you after how many hours of operation you should grease those zerks," Breuer says. "And then also you have the pins, or the tabs, depending on what type of loader model you have and how the loader attachment secures to the carrier of the loader. You want to make sure all of that is in safe operating condition."

The bolts for keeping the loader tight to the mounting brackets should be checked on a regular basis. If they wiggle loose, the loader can bounce out of the brackets. The loader may also come crashing down if there's an oil leak. Maintaining oil pressure keeps your loader in the air.

Hydraulic hoses crack over time, so they should be checked often. Make sure they're free of leaks and aren't pinched. Look for signs of aging and replace them if necessary. The same goes for all connections and joints in the hydraulic pipes. A small leak can become a lot bigger when a heavy load of rock puts pressure on the system.

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