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Tree and brush cutter attachment

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More than a canola cutter

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Radio interview source: Grant Gaudes, president, Canadian Agri Technologies

My friend Sherri and her husband have a horse-riding path that winds through 12 acres of their property. Part of the path is fenced, and almost the whole thing is under a canopy of trees. They try to clear the path frequently of brush and overhanging limbs, but it can take a couple of weekends or more to do it all. They have to switch equipment to trim trees and along the fencerow, with some of it having to be done by hand.

There's a hydraulic cutting attachment that may make that process easier. The Sabre Samurai fits on to any-sized tractor, skid steer, or loader. Grant Gaudes is the company's president, and says the attachment evolved from a crop divider for cutting canola into a more versatile tool based on customer modifications.

"It was our users that came to us and said, 'We've been using it as a vertical, or tree, cutter,'" Gaudes says. "So, we started taking a look at how they were using it, went back to our engineers and further developed it."

So what the customers wanted, they got.

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