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Tree and brush cutter attachment

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Cut at any angle

"It's the only universal machine that's on the market that can cut vertically, horizontally, or any angle in between," Gaudes says. "You can use it to cut tree lines, brush underneath fence lines, ditches, and around ponds."

Some people also use it to trim vineyards and cut trees away from power lines. Since you attach the unit to a bucket, most of the time anything you cut up high will tumble into the bucket, so you don't have to come back around to clear branches on the ground.

The unit is 36 inches long and has two sets of sickles. You can cut branches up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. To operate it, hook it up to the hydraulics port on the bucket or to your machine's auxiliary hydraulic port.

You can order the attachment direct from the manufacturer. It costs about $1,300, plus shipping.

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