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UTV attachments

Implements add versatility for work and play

Radio interview source: Kyle Crosley, Product Line Developer, Polaris


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There are certain chores that a tractor should be used for, but a four-wheeled utility vehicle, or UTV, can tackle many of the same tasks when you add attachments.

Kyle Crosley is a product line developer at Polaris. He says when considering attachments, look for something solution-specific. It also depends on your chores, the size of the machine, the size of your property, and what your goal is.

"From a front or rear attachment standpoint, we sell a lot of winches and quite a few plow systems as well," says Crosley. "We have a majority of lawn and garden tow behind options from mowers, to graders, to chippers available for those guys as well. And then there are a lot of after-market opportunities for them to come in and attach to our vehicles."

Other handy attachments include a dump bucket for moving just about anything, a dump cart, a snow thrower, and a disc harrow for cultivating the soil. Keep in mind they may need mounting kits for proper operation.

When it's time to have fun with the UTV, you'll want a different set of attachments. Hunters, for example, need to haul stuff.

"They really enjoy our storage box option for the cargo box. We also have gun boots, and gun boot mounts that work directly with our vehicles in a lock-and-ride scenario," says Crosley. "So, if they have their vehicle set up for work during the week and on the weekend they want to get out and hunt, they can just use our lock-and-ride attachments to take off some of those work implements and put on their hunting accessories and get ready to go for the weekend."

When shopping for attachments, look at the brands carried in your area. That way, parts and service are readily available. Some manufacturers build kits that only work with their line of vehicles, while others produce generic systems to fit most any UTV.



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