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UTV service vehicle accessories

Use your UTV as a service vehicle for remote jobs that require hard-working tools

Pruning trees, fixing fence, and other general maintenance chores require hauling a lot of heavy tools around. If you don’t have a ready power supply, those jobs out in the back-40 are more difficult. Make it a lot easier by accessorizing your utility vehicle as a rolling tool shop.

Jeremy Robison is a graduate ag engineering student at Purdue University, and has been outfitting a UTV as a service vehicle.
"We have a winch up in front just in case our UTV were ever to get stuck or if we ever wanted to pull something out," says Robison. "On top of that we have our front brush guard. It’s kind of helpful when you’re trying to tie it down to a trailer and also kind of protects the windshield a little bit better. Additionally, we have lights everywhere. We’ve got our spotlights, and our spotlight you can actually take off and shine around different equipment if something’s not working at night, or even if it’s just kind of dark."

A chainsaw mount makes it easy to pull up to a tree, make your cut, and quickly put the chainsaw back. Toolboxes meant for UTVs have a skinny profile, but are nice and tall for those longer tools. And, they don’t take up a lot of room in the bed of the vehicle.

Robison says this leaves more room for other accessories such as a three-in-one unit with a generator, compressor, and welder for repairs out in the field.

"Let’s say we have a flat tire, we can throw a patch on and fill it up. It’s really quick, saves a lot of time," says Robison. "If you ever have any welding that you need to do, it’s pretty easy it has a nice arc welder you can do a quick spot repair. And then the generator, if you ever need to run a sawzall or drill, that’s real easy. It has a 120-volt outlet on it so that you could do quick repairs, or if you even needed to build something on the spot."

You can find UTV accessories just about anywhere, both from the manufacturers and aftermarket.

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