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Me and Piggies Two

Just me with two of my favorite pigs. Sierra who was born in July. She was sold to a friend, who also named her, but she kept escaping, so we took her back, and now I will probably use her for breeding. And Guster. I call him Guster Buster and I bought him when he was about 5 weeks old and I thought he was so tiny compared to my piglets who were 10 weeks old. He still hasn't caught up but he is a good 80lbs now. He is a lover and will lay on my lap for half an hour if I let him. I didn't like my pigs before this last litter and Guster. They have really grown on me and showed me their potential instead of always knocking me over when I tried to feed them. Sierra is a Poland China, Duroc cross and Guster is a full Bershire

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